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Nothing is more important than keeping our neighborhoods and families safe. As your Councilmember, Victor Tate will fight to prioritize funding to reduce emergency response times. He will work to expand after-school/summer programs and community-based organizations to engage our young residents with life skills and career readiness opportunities. He will also work with public safety leaders to increase neighborhood patrols and train community watch groups using the most effective, innovative and grass roots methods to combat and prevent crime.



As an advocate, educator, and senior pastor, Victor Tate understands what it takes to give our kids the resources and attention they need to succeed. We can count on him to protect funding for programs families need; as well as building stronger partnerships between City Hall, neighborhood schools, community centers and faith-based institutions to ensure ‘all hands on deck’ to mandate the well-being of our children



As an Atlanta native and resident of District 1, Victor Tate knows that we need to protect critical city services from cuts, especially those our seniors rely on. On the City Council, Victor will work tirelessly to create stable funding mechanisms for Atlanta’s seniors and legacy residents to be able to afford to remain in the homes and communities they have spent their lives in. In addition, he will ensure the wrap-around services needed for seniors raising grandchildren and other young family members, which is a vastly growing demographic among Atlanta residents.



Victor Tate is committed to making city government more transparent, efficient, and

accountable. In order to achieve this, Victor will expand the use of technology in the delivery of services and ensure detailed information about how our tax dollars are being spent is available online, for every resident to see, in real time. He will also work to increase community input in the budgeting process.



KEEP our neighborhoods safe by reducing emergency response times while building community capacity to combat crime and incentivizing public safety officers residing in District 1


REBUILD delipidated and crumbling infrastructures which decrease neighborhood quality and home values


PROTECT funding and wrap around services that our seniors and legacy residents need and rely upon, especially those raising school aged grandchildren/relatives


EXPAND after-school/summer enrichment programs that engage and help our kids succeed mental health services to assist those most at need


MAINTAIN  parks and public green spaces, grow pedestrian/bike friendly ‘right of ways’ while responsibly managing residential and commercial growth throughout District 1


INCREASE transparency and accountability at City Hall as well as community involvement in the City Council’s decision-making

PRIORITIZE partnerships between District 1 residents, businesses, schools, public safety officials, community and faith-based organizations to maximize our unique diversity and bring all stakeholders to the table; Because in District 1, EVERYBODY COUNTS!